Nureki Chimuo: Kinbiken August 1986 (vol 3)


Fundoshi Bondage and Agura Suspension

In this video from August of 1986, Nureki Chimuo ties  in a series of very intense suspensions.  The video features fundoshi (loincloth) as well as a very intense agura suspension.  The agura position (literally “seated”) is a class pose, derived from a traditional semenawa torture tie.  It is often used as a less restrictive form of the “ebi” or shrimp tie and is commonly seen in kinbaku photography.

The creation of an agura suspension is a way to elevate the intensity and beauty of this tie to produce a feeling and expression of “beautiful suffering.”  One of the core aspects of the beauty of kinbaku in Nureki’s work is his ability to elicit strong emotions and feelings from his models and partners.

This video provides an excellent example of classic Showa style semenawa japanese rope bondage.

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