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Five Must See Rope Bondage Videos at Rope Flix



Rope Bondage Videos

The choice of what rope bondage videos to watch on Rope Flix can be a little overwhelming, so here is a quick guide to help get you started in viewing some classic rope bondage videos by top rope masters.  We selected these videos as examples of different styles.  Rope masters and models at the top of their game.  Picking just five was tough, but these videos will not disappoint.  (click the picture to open the videos).

: Rope Joy 4

“Rope Joy” is one of the most highly regarded rope series in Japan and for good reason.  The quality of the tying, the progression of the scenes, and the beauty of his models in this series established Naka as one of the top rope masters working today.  This video has an added element: history.  In Rope Joy 4, Naka utilizes Edo era torture ties to create a very intense video that transforms what was once a brutal act of punishment into a masterpiece of .  The reactions from the model demonstrate how , even when paying tribute to its torturous beginnings, can still be an amazing, erotic art form.

All of Naka’s Rope Joy videos (currently streaming on Rope Flix) are worth viewing, but this one is a stand out.

: Rope Wife

This video is the last work recorder by Yukimura sensei and edited posthumously.  “Rope Wife” follows up on his early video Secrets of , illustrating how can be put into practice in the context of an erotic rope scene.  It is a very intimate collection showing Yukimura’s style in a beautiful and erotic series of play sessions. This is the perfect follow up to his instruction video as it takes those ties and shows you what you can do with them once you learn the basics of tying in his style.

: Sunoharu Yuri

Yuri Sunohara tied by Nureki Chimuo.  From the O series.  These videos were live captures from Nureki’s Kinbiken performances.  This video focuses on kimono tying, intense suspensions, and Yuri Sunohara’s incredible responses. Running time 30 Mins.

Of all the models Nureki tied, Sunohara and Nureki had a very special connection.  Sometimes referred to as the “golden couple” their ties often reflected their intense and special connection.

: DX Live

Randa Mai’s 2015 stage show from the legendary club DX in Tokyo.  He was one of the first generation to perform live shows in Japan.  His skill on stage made him one of the top performers on the kinbaku event circuit.  Randa is known for his minimalist style and dramatic suspensions.  This video shows Randa performing at DX, one of Tokyo’s top clubs, in 2015.

This is a great video showing Randa’s style on stage as well as masterfully create a show that dazzles and captivates.  One of Randa’s key elements is his connection with his models throughout the performance.  A great example of a Japanese SM/rope stage show, executed by one of the legends of Japanese SM performance.

: Miho Wakabiyashi

The second of master photographer Sugiura Norio’s “Kinbaku Kinema” series.  The model is Wakabayashi Miho and the rope is by Naka Akira.  This video features Sugiura’s distinctive cinematic style.  He takes the style and shadow of his photographic work and applies it to video.  The result is an HD masterpiece, which creates a spectacular fusion of Naka’s rope and Sugiura’s vision of kinbaku.

In this video, a student is caught shoplifting. Her male teacher calls the girl’s mother to school and punishes her repeatedly in the classroom for raising her daughter badly. Dressed in a beautiful kimono, which is soon pulled asunder, model Wakabayashi Miho is the picture of suffering Japanese shame. This beautiful and atmospheric work, with bondage by Naka Akira, is shot in a typical Japanese classroom. The video Includes suspensions and ties with bamboo.