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Kinbiken: March-April 1987



TITLE: March-April 1987



CATEGORY: Photoshoot



The video features Nureki with models Saotome and Sugishita, and photographer in a photoshoot of various poses, many with candlelight for atmosphere.

The video shows several completed ties, but note that it does not detail their tying. The focus of the video is on poses for the photography, getting the positions, postures and expressions, exposing the model erotically, and then follows discussions with Nureki and the models (and partner) relaxing together post–shoot.


Starting with Saotome and a simple 2-rope Takatekote chest harness on a Tsuri suspension line in several poses, then adding a Matanawa crotch rope. The second Takatekote design is an interesting variation with a wide upper Mune Ue wrap shot in various Newaza floorwork.

The second half features model Sugishita, first in a simple Takate high hands position behind the back, a 3-wrap body tie with Takate and Gote, the torso bound to the legs with a full wrap, and finally with Kuchi through the mouth as a gag.


This video has a number of interesting poses, and centres around positioning for the photoshoot.

Of note is Nureki and Sugiura’s attention to the disposition of the models in various ties to highlight the erotic nature of .

Also seen is Nureki’s relaxed demeanour, especially with Saotome, as they sit and chat about their work.


Not exclusively aimed at photographers, but much can be digested as to how a typical Kinbaku magazine photoshoot of the mid-1980s was made, with frequent stoppages for tying/untying, and getting the optimum contextual situations out of poses: abandonment, suffering, sadomasochism, etc.

While the ties are not seen in construction, their effect and overall design may be interpreted by experienced rope bondage practitioners.

For sadistic dominants, ideas may be extracted in the way Nureki handles the models during photography.


For a video that was taken on VHS during the mid-1980s, the production quality is higher than expected, even if the situation is somewhat dark in nature. It is limited compared to today’s videography. There is useful information in the video, but it may take several viewings to gather it all.

The video is unscripted in Japanese conversation between the protagonists.

As one of the early Kinbaku masters, witnessing Nureki working with Sugiura in this scenario should be interesting for photographers, and beginners to advanced rope tops.