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Naka and Nureki: Watching Dream Rope (Yume Nawa)


Naka and Nureki

The first volume of the Dream Rope series () was something very special.  , one of the current modern masters of style rope, got his start in the rope world by visiting grandmaster Nureki Chimuo’s famed rope salon, .  It took a couple of years before Naka was even allowed to untie the master’s work.  Eventually he became a student and then deshi of Nureki.  This video features Naka and Nureki, tying together.

Naka often tells the story of how he had no interest in rope until he saw Nureki tie.  Once he did, he was captivated by the beauty of Nureki’s rope work. Naka decided he would learn all he could about the art of .

Nureki was known to be somewhat prickly and often held strong opinions about rope, technique, and many of his contemporary artists.  So it is not surprising to find that, even though he was perhaps the most well known artist of his time, Nureki only bestowed the title of deshi on one person: Naka Akira.

Maki Tomoda

The model, Maki Tomoda is a very well known AV actress, who has appeared in many of Naka’s later videos.  She was recently the featured model for his rope salon in Tokyo in March of 2018.  Her combination of beauty and responsiveness has led her to be one of the most highly sought after kinbaku models in Japan and one of the few who have been able to extend their careers well into their 30s.

In later videos, you can see how Naka’s connection with her develops over time, especially in videos like Blog Works 1.


In , we can see Nureki, now in his late 70s, tie alongside his long time student, who has risen in prominence and now is taking over the mantle as one of Japan’s top rope artists.

Naka and Nureki alternate, taking turns tying the models, each demonstrating their signature styles, side by side.  It is a compelling video to watch.  We can see what Naka has inherited as well as what he has developed on his own.  This video chronicles a history of kinbaku. It allows us to see two generations of rope side by side.  So we can understand the ways in which kinbaku truly is a living art, passed down by generations.

This video was the inaugural offering from the Murusou Club label.  It is a great place to start learning about the art of semenawa.  Semenawa has its roots in the rope of Nureki and which reaches a new level of mastery in the work of Naka.

The video runs more than two and half hours, with multiple ties, and some very intense reactions from the models.