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New Partnership: CineMagic


Beginning in January 2019, Rope Flix and Japanese Bound will begin a partnership with legendary Japanese video producer .  Founded in November of 1983, CineMagic is one of the oldest Japanese adult video companies in Japan. In the early 1980s when CineMagic was founded, the VCR had only modest market penetration in Japan and the first AV companies and actresses were just beginning to appear.

With a focus on SM and bondage videos, CineMagic was the premiere studio for rope videos for more than 35 years, featuring top bakushi from every generation, including Nureki Chimuo, Yukimura Haruki, , Minomura Kou and Chiba Eizo.

Emerging from the large and robust industry of magazines and following in the wake of major film studios’ work, such Nikkatsu’s highly influential Roman Porno series in the 1970s, Shoichi Yoshimura founded CineMagic as an early video company with the goal of making bondage and SM videos for the newly created home video market.

As opposed to many of the early efforts to produce videos, CineMagic brought professional lighting, editing, and filming techniques to the industry, creating high quality video for home viewing.

In January, we will be making our first 12 titles available.