Nureki Chimuo: Fuji Satomi


Japanese Bondage by

tied by Nureki Chimuo.  Nureki was one of the few grandmasters of Japanese  bondage. His style was elaborate and often appeared “random” in its look.  Unlike his mentor, Minomura Kou, who advocated a minimalist approach, Nuerki’s used a larger amount of rope.  He often layered ties in a series of progressions which would result in very complex and dramatic ties.  The effect on the models was one of the reasons these videos became so popular.  It was also why Nureki was the most frequently hired rope bondage artist in Japan in the 1980s and 1990s.

This video is from the O series produced in the 1980s by Fuji Planning.  These videos were live captures from Nureki’s Kinbiken performances.  This video focuses on the use of gags as well as the demonstration of a very interesting reverse prayer tie that traps the fingers.  Classic Nureki style and a beautiful tie and model.

Of particular note is Nureki’s use of black cotton rope.  Traditionally, rope artists use jute rope for Japanese bondage.

The model, Fuji Satomi (藤サトミ), appeared in 27 different videos for Fuji Planning (many of which are available on Rope Flix) and was a key model in the early days of Kinbiken.  Kinbiken models approached rope in the same spirit as Nureki, considering it as “serious rope” with a strong emotional connection, rather than as a performance or modeling exercise.

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