Nureki Chimuo: Kinbiken August 1986


: Suspension and Breast Torture

From 1986.  Nureki Chimuo ties model Erika Ota.  This video combines three elements: tight bondage, partial and full suspension and breast torture.  The model is tied initially in a traditional gote and the series begins with a full face down suspension in classic Nureki style.  In the following sections, Nureki torments her breasts, using a cane to press them and a variety of nipple clamps to stimulate her.

The final series is a partial suspension, which uses a waist rope to lift her off the ground and into a classic semenawa pose.


Nureki’s videos can be a great tool for understanding both the emotion and beauty of kinbaku as well as for better understanding principles of semenawa, scene progression, and the aesthetics of the beauty of Japanese rope bondage.



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