Nureki Chimuo: Kinbiken July 1986


The Beauty of Kinbaku

From 1986, Nureki Chimuo ties model Hirosaki Chie for his legendary .   This video focuses on more decorative tying and the beauty of kinbaku.  As originally described in the video release, the video features “woman with a mortal desire to be rope drunk and tied up by hemp ropes while being ashamed , in front of many men members who are bondage maniacs .  No matter how the times change, beautiful images of women drawn to “bondage” will not lose their radiance.”

One of the elements of Kinbiken that was important to Nureki was that all of his models truly be inspired by and feel a deep eroticism toward japanese rope bondage.  Hirosaki Chie was one of the models that was featured in the early Kinbiken meetings and was well known for her intense and erotic reactions to Nureki’s rope.

Kinbiken was one of the few places where those who were interested in bondage could meet and openly discuss their interests in kinbaku.  These meetings established much of the early culture of “mania” that defined the kinbaku underground in the 1980s and 1990s.


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