Nureki Chimuo: Kinbiken September 1986 (Yukata Suspension and Takate Kote)


Yukata Suspension and Takate Kote

This video focuses on two elements, the first is a beautiful yukata suspension, featuring models Hirosaki Chie and Nakahara Emi. The second element is a very beautiful and distinctive takate kote by Nureki, which demonstrates a strict high hand position, with a pattern that highlights the beauty of the model.

Yukata are lightweight version of kimonos and add an element of beauty and tradition to the ties.

This is the first appearance of Nakahara Emi in the series, but she is featured or appears in the next 10 videos, making her one of Nureki’s most popular models.¬† It is easy to see why, based on her responsiveness and beauty in all of the ties.

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