Nureki Chimuo: Takada Miyuki (Rope Suspension)


In this video, Nureki Chimuo ties model .  It illustrates a classic rope suspension in Nureki’s semenawa style.  The video is part of the Bondage Romance series, produced by Fuji Planning.

Rope Suspension

Shot during Nureki’s kinbiken, this hour long video blends rope, eroticism and fetishism.

In the first segment, Nureki binds the model first in a kata ashi pose.  This tie is a single leg rope suspension.  The tie is them modified to create a full suspension.  Later, he follows this with a second tie as well as playing with the model’s pantyhose.  The suspension is quite intense, using only the gote and ankle ropes for support.

The second series combines a hands over head tie and crotch rope.  Nureki also uses a bamboo pole for breast torment.  He also clamps and ties her nipples with twine for further torment.  He adds a nose hook to create a strong sense of humiliation as well.

Nose hook humiliation

Next, the third tie involves intense breast bondage.  Nureki ties her hands over her head initially, but soon they are tied behind her back.  She is tied in a unique gote, trapping her arms behind her.  The gote ties the arms without chest wraps.

Finally, Nureki adds a waist rope and transforms her floor pose into a semenawa position.  With her panties around her knees, she squirms and writhes.

This video is an excellent example of how Nureki constructs semenawa rope scenes.  Recommended viewing!

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