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is one of the first Grandmasters of Japanese rope bondage.  Born in 1930, he is one of the first generation of rope artists who would be at the center of the growth of the art in Japan.  SMPedia refers to his as “the central figure of Showa SM culture.”  Over his long career, he is perhaps best known for his long collaboration with bondage photographer Sugiura Norio, establishing many of the patterns and techniques that are still in use today.

He was at the center of the Tokyo SM world, working both as a rope artist and as an editor and author on numerous magazines in the 1970s and 1980s.  He was also known for his collection of “” and “” materials, both in print and as a collection of videos.  Nureki offers one of the earliest glimpses into Showa style .  Through these works he formalized and standardized many patterns.

Nureki and

Perhaps his most important accomplishment was the creation of KinBiKen (The Beautiful Bondage Study Group).  Kinbiken brought together enthusiasts for meeting to watch, discuss, and photograph his rope bondage.  Many important artists and rope tops would be enormously influenced by these meetings.  The videos that were produced were iconic products of the time.

The influence of Nureki cannot be overstated.  Both for the rope of his time and for the impact he has had on shaping kinbaku for future generations.

He passed away in 2013, leaving only one deshi (authorized student), , to carry on his legacy.

What to Expect

It is easy to mistake his random rope for “messiness” but to do so would be a mistake.  The style, often referred to as “kuzushinawa” is an intentional aesthetic.  It is designed to produce an effect on the model that is far more important than the cleanliness of the technique of the neatness of the pattern.  As he wrote shortly before he passed away, “Too many people use the bondage techniques that I’ve worked out or made in the past, but I feel disgusted when I see them merely imitating the forms without the accompanying heart and soul, without passion or excitement or original ideas or development.”

Working with Yuri Sunohara was a particular highlight in Nureki’s career.  Sunohara is now in charge of Kinbiken.  During Nureki’s active period, the two were often referred to as the “golden couple” because of the natural energy and connection that was evident in their work together.

What you will find in his rope and style is his effort to express himself and bring out the pleasure and beauty of the person he is tying.  For this reason, Nureki only used models that were true rope lovers or enthusiasts in his kinbiken videos.  He would select them based on their responsiveness and connection, rather than their appearance or experience as a model.

The results are a class of videos that have rarely be equaled in their truth and honesty.  In many ways, Nureki represents the essence of Japanese bondage.

Suggested Videos

Because these videos were produced in the era of VHS tapes, the quality is limited.

The Kinbiken videos produced in 2009, provide an excellent example of Nureki’s style.

And any of the videos with Yuri Sunohara are also highly recommended.

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