Nureki: Kinbiken June 1986


Kinbiken: Tied for Pleasure

This is a video recording from the legendary “Kinbiken” held by Nureki Chimuo in 1986. This meeting features two models who are tied for pleasure of those attending the group. Kinbiken was the “Bondage Beauty Study Group” which ran in Tokyo for nearly 15 years (1986-2000).

Models for kinbiken was selected for their love of rope and shibari, rather than as typical “models” so the reactions they have to the rope and ties is real and authentic.  Kinbiken was known as for its high quality in both the tying by Nureki and for the models that were selected.

These videos are being made available by special arrangement with the organizer of kinbiken and we are very happy to be able to offer them in the west for the first time.  The models are Kamiya Kota and Nozaki Junko.  This is the first release of the Kinbiken series and it was transferred from VHS.  The original videos were very hard to obtain and cost 10000 yen ($100US) when they were released.

While the quality of these videos is not the best, the importance of the content and the historical importance of these videos give them a very special place in the history of kinbaku.

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