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Nureki: Kinbiken March 1987



TITLE: March 1987



CATEGORY: /Photoshoot



The video features Nureki with model Saotome detailing tying in a photoshoot situation.
The first half of the video details a simple Gote, extending to a Takatekote chest harness,
whipping, breat torture, Futomomo, gagging and blindfolding, and water spitting.

The second half of the video begins with a bedroom photoshoot setting, again showing Nureki
tying his Gote and Takatekote, with a pre–tied, part–Karada style seat harness, and a Tatezuri
vertical suspension before culminating in a bottom up and legs forward position.

The final scene shows Nureki tying an unusual upper torso and arm design to effect the
Takatekote position, and with a lit candle clutched between the buttocks.


Simple Gote, demonstrating the speed and efficiency it can be tied. Attaching the second line to
the Michinawa stem, the tie progresses to a Takatekote with lower Kannuki latchings, then the
attachment of a Tsuri suspension line to show an ideal position for whipping and Chibusazeme
breast torture with a spilt cane.

The Chibusazeme continues with rods bound to compress the breasts, a Koshinawa waist line,
and then bringing one leg up very high, before bending into the Futomomo and a full

Although not shown in construction, the part–Karada style seat harness, and a Tatezuri vertical
suspension follow in the second scene.

The unnamed upper torso and arm restraint with Tsuri line completes the video.


This video has a number of interesting ties, centering around positioning for photoshooting,
especially Nureki’s quick Gote using a simple Komamusubi reef knot to secure the cuff.

The method of retaining rods for breast torture, while not shown in construction, should give
ideas to viewers interested in Chibusazeme.

Also of interest, and again not shown in construction, is the part–Karada style seat harness.
Of particular note is the Tatezuri vertical suspension, a notoriously dangerous tie in which the
position and tension of the lower Mune Shita wrap of the Takatekote can compress vital organs
and cause models to blackout instantly. Extreme care is recommended if attempting this
suspension in the way seen in the video.


Although not exclusively aimed at photographers, the video depicts how the making of a typical
magazine photoshoot of the mid-1980s, showing some tying/untying, and poses of
restraint, sadomasochism, suffering, etc.

Some, but not all ties are seen in construction. Their design and application may provide ideas
for both beginner and experienced rope bondage artists alike.

For sadistic dominants, further concepts can be seen by how Nureki handles the model during


For a VHS video taken during the mid-1980s, the production quality is higher than expected, but
it is limited compared to today’s videography. There is some useful information in the video, and
may take several viewings to absorb.

The video is unscripted with Japanese conversation.

As one of the early Kinbaku masters, witnessing Nureki working with Sugiura in this scenario
should be interesting for photographers, and beginners to advanced rope tops.