Randa Mai: Tsubasa



This video from Randa Mai offers some exclusive content, showing us an uncensored look at his he ties and plays.  The model is , who is extremely expressive.  She works beautifully in combination with Randa. Randa Mai demonstrates how his minimalist rope can produce incredible, beautiful patterns that can be combined with lots of erotic play.  This video is part of the Uncensored Randa Mai collection, offered to Japanese Bound and Rope Flix as exclusive offerings.

Randa Mai is one of the long time fixtures in the Japanese rope world. This video is a great look at his approach to shibari in the bedroom.  His ties enable him to engage in a variety of play, ranging from oral sex, to vibrators, to hot wax.  Sexual play is an important element of shibari in Japan.  In Randa’s scenes, you see how rope can facilitate erotic play.

Additionally, Randa is known for his video work and his stage shows.  His style always emphasizes elements of trust, safety, connection, and communication.

Also the video features ties done on the bed as well as a hot wax scene as part of a suspension.

Finally, this is a great video to watch to think about how to incorporate more erotic play into your rope scenes.  It also shows how to use ties for maximum effect.  This is one of the few videos you will find from Japan without pixelation.


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