Rope Flix: 10 Top Rope Videos (August 2018)



Here are the top rope videos for August at Rope FlixYukimura’s Bakyjyo retains the top spot and several other Yukimura videos dominated August’s viewing.  ’s Kinbaku 9 is up a few spots and makes his first entry into the top 10!  Akechi Denki and Miura Takumi’s instructional videos drew a lot of viewers as well, debuting this month in the number 2 and 3 positions.

Rope Flix 10 most popular videos through August of 2018:

  1. Yukimura: Bakujyo
  2. Bakuyukai: Tutorial Vol 1
  3. Bakuyukai: Tutorial Vol 2
  4. Hourai: Kinbaku 9 (Miori Hara)
  5. Yukimura: Kamoi
  6. Yukimura: Complete Works 4
  7. Yukimura: Complete Works 3
  8. Kai: Prisoner Fantasy
  9. Yukimura: Bakujyo
  10. Randa: Bondage Manual 2

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