Rope Flix: 10 Top Rope Videos (December 2018)


This month’s views were dominated by titles from Van Associates and Naka Akira titles. Hourai Kasumi’s videos made a strong showing at first and fourth place, marking the first month a female bakushi has held the top spot! Just short of making the list, Yukimura’s Hashira Bondage , Naka’s Dream Rope 2, Rope Crazy, and Nawa Etsu 4, followed by Bakuyukai Vol 4.

Rope Flix 10 most popular videos through December of 2018:

  1. Hourai Kasumi: Nozomi Hazuki
  2. Nawashi Kanna: Pictures of Hell (10th Anniversary)
  3. Naka Akira: Karin Itsuki
  4. Hourai Kasumi: Hara Miori
  5. Hajime Kinoko: Kawakami Yuu
  6. Bakuyukai: Tutorial Vol 3
  7. Naka Akira: Kawakami Yuu
  8. Naka Akira: Blog Works 2
  9. Ibarako: New World 2
  10. Naka Akira; Dream Rope 1
  11. Naka Akira: Rope Prisoner 2

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