Rope Flix: 10 Top Rope Videos (October 2018)


10 Top Rope Videos

This past month’s Rope Flix viewing was dominated by (with 5 of the top ten videos) and /Akechi Denki’s Bakuyukai series with strong showing from and the continued presence of Nawashi Kanna’s 10th Anniversay video, celebrating his decade long relationship with his partner Kagura.

Just short of making the list, Randa Mai’s instructional video (#11) and Ibarako’s Period 1 (#12), with Naka Akira holding 5 of the next ten top spots (#13,#14,#15,#17, #19).

Rope Flix 10 most popular videos through October of 2018:

  1. Yukimura Haruki: Hashira Bondage
  2. Bakuyukai: Tutorial Vol 4
  3. Yukimura Haruki: Rope Wife
  4. Bakuyukai: Tutorial Vol 1
  5. Yukimura Haruki: Bakujyo 3
  6. Nawashi Kanna: Pictures of Hell (10th Anniversary)
  7. Yukimura Haruki: Chair Bondage (Yukimura Ryuu)
  8. Naka Akira: Nawa Etsu 4
  9. Yukimura Haruki: Live Vol 1 (Heso)
  10. Naka Akira: Rope Prisoner 2

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