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Sugiura Norio is celebrating 45 years as a bondage photographer.  He began work in the 1970s, shooting for some of the most popular bondage magazines of the time and developing a signature style that is now instantly recognizable.  His primary collaborators have been Nureki Chimuo, Masato Marai, and Naka Akira.  His love of bondage centers on very intense ties in a strict semenawa style.  He is always pushing the edges, both for those who tie for him and those who are tied.

Having developed a portfolio which spans more than four decades, he has worked with most of the well know bakushi in Japan and recently with some in the West.  His Kinbaku Kinema series is one of the most beautiful collections of rope videography, applying his signature photographic style to a video format.

There are few photographers who can be regarded as central figures in the history of kinbaku.  In that sense, Sugiura’s contribution is extremely important not only because of the volume of work he has produced, but because he has been at the very center of defining the aesthetics of kinbaku in both the Showa and Heisei eras.  Even as it has spanned almost a half century, his style has maintained a consistent look and feel, not only across time, but also across a wide range of rope artists and models.

The use of deep shadows, single light sources, and traditional scenery, clothing, and technique all distinguish Sugiura’s work making him one of the all time greatest bondage photographers in Japan.

What To Expect

Rope Flix has two different styles of video from Sugiura.  The first are standard videos with extremely high production values.  In these videos, he applies his signature style of lighting and design found in his photography to video production.  The result is classically beautiful videos with exquisite models and beautiful rope work.  The second series are shot “behind the scenes” and give some perspective on the actual process of tying and shooting.  These feature numerous bakushi as well as some very intense ties being applied and endured.

The behind the scenes video provide a look into the working process of both a photo session and how each of the artists ties to provide the emotional content that Sugiura is trying to evoke from his models.

All of these videos are semenawa style bondage (torture rope) and usually involve suspension and endurance.

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Additional Information

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