Two New Videos from Ibarako: New Moon 1 & 2


: New Moon 1 & 2

Ibarako is one of Japan’s true hidden gems.  Active in the Tokyo SM world for more than 20 years, her work is less frequently seen in the west.  She is one of the founders of the “New World” (新世界) video label, which features only female staff and directors.

Her history in the SM world traces back to two figures, her first teacher Chiba Eizo and her second, Yukimura Haruki.  She worked closely with both, not only studying kinbaku, but also taking an active role working on their video productions.

As one of Yukimura’s earliest students, she was deeply involved in working with him on many productions, serving as AD and director for many videos.

The New Moon videos are beautiful examples of the Yukimura style of tying, with a decidedly feminine, sensual perspective.  One of Ibarako’s great strengths both as a bakushi and as a video producer is how she highlights the beauty and eroticism of rope.

New Moon

New Moon 2




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