Yukimura Haruki: Bakujyo Kitan 1


Shibari by Yukimura

A new video for June at Rope Flix featuring shibari by Yukimura.  This is the first of one of Yukimura’s series from 2011, titled Bakujyo Kitan.  Bakujyo is a word Yukimura frequently uses combining baku (to tie) and Jyo (yoiung girl).  These videos usually feature young models of exceptional beauty.  Kitan means “strange tales” and for those who follow the history of Japanese rope, they will recognize the name from one of Japan’s first and most famous magazines, Kitan Club.

Like many of his videos is easy to follow along with ties he does.  But more importantly, he shows how to create a great rope scene, demonstrating how pacing, timing, and body positioning all work to develop a strong emotional connection.

Many of the poses in this video are also ideal for erotic play and Yukimura demonstrates how each of his ties can be used to explore some of the more erotic elements of rope play.

These videos combine Yukimura’s signature style of tying with a lot of sexual content.  In this video he ties model Chisa Momoi.  Chisa is a very expressive model and responds dramatically to Yukimura’s rope bondage, verbal instructions, and exposure and body positioning.

The Japanese commentary discusses the use of rope as objectification and describes the model feeling like furniture.  Because she was not able to keep still, she had to be tied.

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