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Yukimura Haruki: Bakujyo


Yukimura Rope Bondage

Mimuro Nao is bound and used at the skillful hands of rope master Yukimura Haruki.  Her passion for rope is evident as she is bound in different poses and tied in amazing, Yukimura style rope.  From 2010, this classic Yukimura rope bondage video shows him at the top of his game. This is a great series and the first video of Bakujyo is one of the series’ best.

The first video in the series, features model Mimuro Nao and has many aspects that make it really stand out, especially for those who are interested in his style of rope and technique.  The various ties are clearly demonstrated (and labeled in the video).

What makes this Yukimura bondage video especially interesting is not only the chance to see how Yukimura ties, but also the chance to see how he creates a mood and headspace for each of his ties as well as how he transitions between them.

A classic work from, the first of the Bakujyo (Tied Girl) series, featuring some of Yukimura’s most innovative and beautiful rope work.  The model is Mimuro Nao.  A great series featuring neck rope, a closet tie, and lots of interesting floorwork, rope work and positions.