Yukimura Haruki: Shimada Aiko (CineMagic)


From the collection.  This video, from 1998, is one of the earlier videos by Yukimura and features a number of suspension (very unusual for Yukimura).  A great video featuring a much different style of rope than what we are accustomed to seeing from Yukmiura. The model is 

In Yukimura’s early work, he also tended toward a harder, seme style, including suspensions, but later moved away from both of those aspects in his tying. The reason had more to do with marketing than personal preference. Developing his style of aibunawa was a way to distinguish himself from Nureki and provide an alternative approach to rope that would give him a signature.

In the video 淫縛の刻印 (Lewd Rope Seal), from 1996, we can see the origins of Yukimura’s erotic style, combined with a series of very intense suspensions.

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