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Yukimura Haruki is one of the few rope artists in Japan to be considered a true “grandmaster”.  Born in 1948, he began work in the SM and bondage world in 1982, working for SM Sniper.  In 1986 he started using the name Yukimura Haruki. Shortly thereafter established himself as one of the most prolific and in demand rope artists in the Tokyo video world.  Yukimura created more than 2000 videos during his career.

His rope style is unique among all of his contemporaries.  He focused on communication with his partners.  This frequently incorporated elements of shame and erotic sensuality.  This style, Yukimura Ryuu, is also called “aibunawa” or as a caressing style of rope.

Another aspect of his style that was distinctive was his use of shame or “hazukashii” play.  He would evoke shame in combination with erotic play.  His ties would often focus on exposure and would frequently lead to sexual activity in his scenes.

Additionally, Yukimura developed a style of rope bondage which incorporated elements of architecture.  Rope scenes are enhanced by elements from the home (such as tables and chairs).  Using everyday elements of the home add an interesting element to his rope bondage.

He was also a dedicated teacher, especially late in his life, and passed his teaching on to many students world-wide.

He passed away, March of 2016.

What to Expect in Yukimura’s Videos

These videos are excellent resources for inspiration and for learning.  Because Yukimura’s rope patterns are generally simple, they are easy to follow.  More complicated is his approach to building a rope scene and connecting and communicating with his partners.

Furthermore, You will also find a strong focus on the erotic dimension of kinbaku throughout his videos.  Unlike many of the videos from other bakushi, Yukimura felt that the main purpose of rope was eroticism.  Accordingly, his videos often have elements of sex woven throughout.

In all of his videos, he demonstrates and incredible ability to structure rope scenes with unparalleled eroticism.  His timing and pacing demonstrate mastery over the erotic dimension of rope and truly illustrate his powerful approach.

Suggested Videos

Among the best of his videos are:

Bakujyo Excellent both as a rope video and tutorial, as he demonstrates both a series of ties (labeled in the video) as well as how to progress from one to the next in a Yukimura-style rope scene. (featured as a Rope Flix must see video)

Rope Wife One of his final videos, edited after his passing, which shows his rope style at the height of its maturity.

Black Hair Torment A truly remarkable video which focuses on rope and hair, including work with model Iroha Shizuki, one of the top models in Japan.

Chair Bondage A classic video in which he demonstrates how to incorporate furniture into your rope bondage scenes.

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