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Yukimura Stage Performance

Ugo, from SM-Pedia has offered some background to Yukimura’s interest in stage shows:

Some people misunderstand that Y-sensei did not like stage performance (because they believe he did not do live performance at all).

However, he actually loved stage performance. He often said to me that “I wanna do live (=stage performance) once more” “But, current situation (age and his disease) does not allow me to do so. It requires lots of energy and power of concentration”.

In his career, he concentrated stage performance in two periods. The first series of performance were played from 1994 to 2000, which were recorded and published as 39 or so VHSs. These videos are very difficult to obtain, and I only have some of them.

The second series started on 2005 and terminated around 2009, which were recorded and release as six DVD, “LiVE” series from Meiwa Planning.

These second series of Y’s stage performance are indeed very intensive and those who want to study Y’s style must see them. He often said “My experiences of stage performance has greatly contributed to the establishment of Yukimura-ryu style”.

We can still find these “LiVE” DVDs in second hand market. Also, now Rope Flix has started to stream these works one by one. I would recommend these works as good source of Yukimura-ryu text.

Reprinted with permission